Bock beers from Bock’s Corner Brewery and the history of the beer style Bock 18:40-19:40

Join the Brewmaster and beer sommelier Alexander Maier from Bock’s Corner Brewery and dive into the world of the heaviest, maltiest yet smoothest brews in the world. The Bock beers!

Have a taste of five different beers, from traditional to experimental. Learn at the same time where “Bock” as a style comes from and all historical aspects around it. Prost!

The products: Bock’s Eisweisse, Bock’s Barrel Aged Juniper Weizenbock (Kyrö Distillery Gin Barrel), Bock’s Doppelbock, Bock’s Barrel Aged Doppelbock (Kyrö Whisky Barrel), Bock’s Eisbock.

The tasting is in English

Pris: 250 kr

Provningsledare: Alexander Maier